Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid Training In The Workplace

What is Mental Health First Aid and the course outcome?

Similar to our expectation of physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help given to someone where there is concern that they may be developing mental health challenges or experiencing a mental health crisis.

The MHFA course teaches participants about common mental health issues.
3 key internationally researched findings about MHFA is that it increases mental health literacy, decreases stigmatising attitudes and increases early help seeking behaviours. Upon completion of the course, some organisations have introduced Mental Health First Aid Officers, in the same way they have First Aid Officers.

Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa is an internationally recognised and accredited programme. Join over 6 million people globally who have already become MH First Aiders.

How do we teach it?

Tailored workplace scenarios, exercises and video training materials are used to assist learning so that participants complete the program with greater confidence and ability to help.

Simple communication and engagement strategies, based on international evidence, are taught that allow the Mental Health First Aider to provide support and information, encourage the person to seek appropriate professional help, and promote the use of other supports.

Course overview and takeaways

The program is offered as a 2 day in-person or 1 day in-person with e-learning or blended online. The 2 day intensive is the most effective and really engages the participants however we realise businesses may not want to have people out the workforce for that time.

With any option chosen - the point is that committing to training and providing space and time to do the course is important.

All participants receive a copy of the MHFA Manual, and a Certificate of Participation. If participants pass the online assessment they will be recognised as an accredited MHFAider for their workplace or community with a 3-year accreditation.

MHFA Flyer and more information
Course Delivery Options

Physical First Aid is a well known addition to personal development, supporting family and business as needed (i.e. heart attack - starting CPR, or at the very least, calling 111).

But few of us would know how to respond to a friend or colleague having a panic attack or showing signs of alcoholism, depression or suicide.

Unfortunately, there is widespread naivety and stigma surrounding mental health. This prevents people from providing appropriate support to someone, simply because they do not know how.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training changes this:

  • by demystifying mental illness;
  • by helping us understand that mental illnesses are real,common, and treatable; and
  • by showing people how to help

Helping others
Through understanding about MH challenges
In New Zealand, The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) estimates that one in five people will suffer from medium to high levels of mental distress, and this statistic is trending upwards over time.
From an economic perspective, the Government enquiry into Mental Health and Addiction (2018) estimates the annual cost burden of serious mental illness in New Zealand is around $12 billion or 5% of GDP.
A recent study conducted by PWC estimates that every dollar spent on creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace will create a return on investment of $2.30 and the positive impact these initiatives will have on individuals, employee engagement and workplace culture.

A mentally healthy workplace minimises harm and promotes protective factors for all employees, providing them with an open and supportive environment that promotes positive cultures conducive to mental wellbeing, as well as physical health and wellbeing.
Course Delivery & Pricing
Note that minimum fees apply for courses for organisational bookings
Prices excl GST
  • 8-16 participants
  • 2 day classroom style with interaction, role play and direct learning providing maximum engagement and learning effectiveness
  • Based on an in-house program for an organisation
  • Additional costs may apply for travel and other expenses if required
$490 / person
($3,920 - min fee)
Blended in-Person
  • 8-16 participants
  • Self paced e-learning modules followed by a 6 hour in-person course
  • 1 day classroom style training - engaged and effective
  • Based on an in-house organised group
  • Travel costs and other expenses may apply
$470 / person
($3,760 - min fee)
Online only
  • Self paced e-learning component followed by instructor led video training
  • 6-12 participants (max)
  • e-learning component to be completed before the supervised online sessions
  • 2 x ~3hour online training sessions
  • Video sessions can be across 2 mornings or same day delivery
$440 / person
($2,640 - min fee)

Mental Health First Aid Course Details

Note this overview is for a F2F course over 2 days - some changes are made to the blended courses

Overview of a F2F session
Participants learn the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, where and how to get help and what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective. The program covers four modules. All participants receive a copy of the MHFA Manual and a Certificate of Completion. You can also undertake accreditation which will be valid for 3 years and can be renewed.
What our clients say about us
  • I've already mentioned this morning in my team huddle how excellent this course was and how it brings up a new perspective of looking at people and situations around you. Rating this 9 out of 10, thanks.
    Grocery Supermarket Chain
  • Fantastic course! Gary delivered content in a knowledgable, thoughtful and engaging way. Excellent!!
    Fisher and Paykel healthcare
    Pharmaceutical company
    • The course was fascinating and empowering and by far exceeded my expectations. A special thanks to the amazing tutors who provided a safe and engaging environment for all participants
    • Excellent thought provoking course which has given me much more knowledge on mental health and the importance of early intervention.
    • The course was excellent. It was a lot of fun and gave practical tools to use in the real world. It exceeded my expectations.
    • This course was great, Gary was amazing and really happy had the time to come to Queen street Wairoa :)
    • I have taken away a lot of learnings from this course and am more confident in having difficult conversations
    • Really enjoyable course, everyone should be encouraged to participate
    • Yes for sure! super informative and interesting and relevant. Instructor is very good at delivery and engaging everyone.
    Wairoa District Council
    City Council
    • There was adequate opportunity to practice the skills taught - People are different in learning styles
    • I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills covered in the course
    Urgent Couriers
    Delivery Organisation
  • It was a very interactive, engaging and informative session. There are things that I didn’t know before about mental health that I know now. It’s as simple as, Mental Health Challenges are normal. And it’s ok for others to reach out to us for help as well to reach out to others to help. I have been having conversations about mental health with others and have started using what I learnt. I would recommend these sessions to anyone.
    Holiday Inn - HR team
  • Experiential

    Instructor led, based on MHFA guidelines. Over 6 million already qualified
  • Learning Styles

    Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities
  • Outcome Focussed

    Each manageable session is built around a Mental Health First Aid action plan.
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Mental Health Facilitation
  • Gary Walker
    About the Trainer: Gary is a behaviour change specialist with a background in Psychology, neuroscience and strategic leadership. He works as a coach, trainer, mentor, speaker and consultant across health, wellness, communication and sustainability.
    He has a BSc Psychology, Computer Science, Dip Hypnotherapy, Masters in NLP and Diploma in Leadership & Strategic Management.
    Gary worked as a volunteer counsellor, mentor and trainer at Youthline lifeline services and has extensive experience with supporting people, clients and businesses.

    Looking for a facilitator or trainer at your own MHFA course? Happy to help.

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